About Sainttraffic
Sainttraffic is a Social Cause Network. We began in 2018 to support worthy causes through a new easy online action pattern. Our idea: connecting social influencers and advertisers are to each other via so-called 'click-to-give' web sites, apps and newsletters. Users read content offered by Sainttraffic and promoted by advertisers. In return for connecting the users to the advertisers, the advertisers donate a cut of their budget to charities designated by Sainttraffic.
Our click-to-give approach is a perfect example of nowadays' slacktivism: we pave an easy and painless way to make the world a better place with the least possible mental, physical, or financial exertion.

What's in for you as a user?
Every day you are scrolling thru apps and web sites. Why not monetizing your daily online activities for a good cause? Instead of getting ads thrown at you for free, you can make those advertisers pay parts of their advertising budget to charities and NGOs.

What's in for you as an Advertiser?
Thru apps, web sites and newsletters, Sainttraffic reaches millions of users via billions of certified impressions every month. Advertisers can integrate their brand messages and ads into our compelling content. Ask about our high-impact native, video and banner ads. Place your ads where is matters. Sainttraffic offers modern ad formats based on IAB standard. As an advertiser you eliminate wasted impressions with us.

What's in for a Charity?
Make your charity fanbase and all your friends and supporters join Sainttraffic. By doing so, you will receive donations from our advertisers. It's that simple. Sainttraffic runs a “click to give” APP, a web site and a newsletter. By reading the content, users will automatically donate clicks and taps to Sainttraffic. Consequently, Sainttraffic advertisers will pay money to your charity. Any clicks, taps, glides or swipes of users will make advertisers giving money for a good cause. You think this sounds too good to be true? Try it.