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Rainforest Borneo
Rainforest. Photo by Cayce. Dawn in Borneo (wikipedia cc).

Sainttraffic is a young and ambitious venture that follows a simple and unconventional idea: Converting advertisements into donations. Every day, advertisers invest millions of dollars into online ad campaigns – just to reach potential customers. Sainttraffic’s goal is to build up a 100% verified user community via Newsletters and via our web site. Advertisers can reach them by booking ad campaigns. And by doing so, they do good, because a percentage of an advertiser’s ad spending will be donated to charities.

Sainttraffic cooperates with numerous Charities and NGOs. We receive content for our websites and weekly newsletters directly from these organisations. Sainttraffic is currently operating in Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia with plans to expand into other countries in the near future.

(1) Users

Anybody can support our project by donating clicks. Every click counts. Sainttraffic allows Advertisers to book ad spaces inside our newsletters and on our websites. Once a user clicks on an ad, we match this click with a donation to a charity. In order to do so, you need to become a Sainttraffic member. Interested? Connect with us!

(2) Charities

Charities feed Sainttraffic with news about their activities and event updates. Users (Sainttraffic Members) can make sure that these Charities receive donations from us. Each time a Saintraffic Member (a user) clicks on an ad, we will match this click with a donation to a charity. Interested? Connect with us!

(3) Advertisers

Advertisers can buy ad spots in our Newsletters and on our websites. The advantages: (A) our users are 100% real and verified. (B) your ad buys will help Charities to thrive. Interested? Connect with us in order to book traffic.

(4) Licensees

The Sainttraffic business model and marketing concept can be adopted by you! With a Franchise idea in mind, we are constantly looking for new licensees to run our system on a national level for a small monthly license fee. Interested? Connect with us!

Header image by Cayce Dawn in Borneo – wikipedia cc.

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