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Sainttraffic - Converting ads into donations since 2018
Sainttraffic – Converting ads into donations since 2018

Sainttraffic is a young and ambitious venture that follows a simple and unconventional idea: Converting advertisements into donations. Every day, advertisers invest millions of dollars into online ad campaigns at Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other ad trading portals – just to reach you, the potential customer. Imagine these advertisers not being able to reach you – unless they match your click with a $donation to a charity of your choice! Only then their advertisements will get your attention. You decide!

Converting Clicks into Donations –
This is how it works

  • Users interested in donating clicks subscribe to our Newsletter or visit our News web site, and click on the advertisements.
  • Advertisers interested in donating money to Charities, buy ad spots in our Newsletters and on our News web site. A cut of the ad spending will be going to the Charities involved in our Sainttraffic project.
  • Charities can benefit by posting News and event updates on our Sainttraffic website and in our newsletters. Advertisments will show up next to the articles. Whenever a user clicks on an advertisement or link, we match this click with a $donation.

This way a part of the Advertiser’s ad payment goes to a charity of your choice. Instead of Donating Money … Donate a Click! Subscribe to our Newsletter. It’s for a good purpose.

Sainttraffic cooperates with reputable charities and NGOs worldwide to make it happen: Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders, Gute Tat, WWF …

Sainttraffic is currently operating in Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia with plans to expand into other countries in the near future.

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