Sainttraffic works with eco-friendly Businesses

Sainttraffic works with Businesses Cameroon Highlands tea plantation
Malaysia. Cameroon Highlands tea plantation. Credit: i-d-online

Why does Sainttraffic work with Businesses? Worldwide, many companies rely on natural resources. Activities have a significant impact on our environment. Therefore, businesses have to step up and play a crucial role in supporting conservation efforts. But it’s not just businesses. It all starts with us consumers.

Consumers have the power to change the way companies to business. Nowadays, changes in corporate practice are essential if there is to be real progress in tackling conservation challenges like climate change, clean energy and sustainable use of natural resources. Consumers can demand that companies demonstrate sound environmental practices and corporate responsibility.

This is how we do it

Sainttraffic works with advertisers to change the way they do business. We split their ad spending and give to Charities. Each time one of our users clicks on an ad, our advertisers match this click by donating money to Charities.

Core principles | Our approach to working with advertisers is constructive and solutions-oriented. The basic guiding principles are Transparency and Measurable results.

Join us here -> Sainttraffic Project.

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